– Our new co-operation partner is published by Hansjörg Bürgi and his team and is issued every month with a circulation of 10’000 copies. It appears in German language only and addresses all the aspects and interesting facts and figures of aviation in and outside Switzerland.

As part of the co-operation reserves a number of pages for the publication of articles and relevant information about air cargo in Switzerland (companies, airports, forwarders, ground handlers, trucking companies, background stories, facts and figures, etc.). This will help to raise the awareness of the value and importance of air cargo in the general public.

This has already concretized with the main article (SkyStory) of SkyNews’ June 2020 edition: “Aircargo wichtiger denn je”, a 6 full pages story on the role of Air Cargo in the Coronavirus crisis, the activities of IG Air Cargo, plenty of statistics and insight from our president Peter Somaglia.