DataChecker Swiss Pilot

The DataChecker Pilot in Switzerland is a joint initiative of IG Air Cargo and Champ Cargosystems. The idea is to develop and test an IT solution that analyses advanced content of Air Cargo data messages when they are exchanged between Freight Forwarders and Airlines. Existing flows of FWB/FHL messages are fed to an engine to produce statistical data. Freight Forwarders in Switzerland can participate free of charge to the pilot phase till the end of 2019.

Project Description

Project Lead

Paolo Tuzzi, Interest Group Air Cargo Switzerland


Freight Forwarders, Airlines, IG Air Cargo and Champ Cargosystems are actively participating to the project. Other companies are invited to participate or contribute with their experience to this community work.


In 2018 during a brainstorming meeting, IG Air Cargo & Champ decided to engage in a joint activity supporting data quality for eFreight. It turned out that Champ had already studied the possibility of an advanced data quality platform. The existing work could be applied to the Swiss requirements and completed. At the beginning of 2019 the DataChecker project officially started as statistical tool for advanced data quality of Air Cargo shipments.

Main Characteristics

  • Similar to IATA MIP but, with FF data and more in depth analysis
  • Data already present in the Champ servers is used for the pilot phase (No new data transmission required)
  • FWB and FHL messages as they are issued by the Freight Forwarders are analyzed with focus on important KPIs for eFreight

Project Objectives

The main goal of the project is to bring transparency to the often complained bad data quality hindering the progress of eFreight. This would greatly support the eTransformation project.

Measured Data Elements –

The scope of the DataChecker goes beyond the standard validations performed by the EDI providers and measured by the IATA MIP. The DataChecker will focus on the most important data items for eAWB:

  • SHP, CNE & NFY data content
  • Nature of Goods data
  • Special Handling Codes
  • Use of OCI data for Customs Declaration
  • Use of OCI data for Consignment Security Declaration

Main Measured KPIs

  • Percentage of EAP/EAW shipments (As declared by Forwarder)
  • Percentage of Secure shipments (Presence of SPX or other related codes)
  • Percentage of eCSD with OCI fields (Presence of OCI/CH/ISS/RA/… line)
  • Percentage of eCustoms statement (Presence of OCI/CH/EXP/M/… line)
  • Mismatching FWB codes for consolidations
  • Illegal/warning text in SHP, CNE, NFY & Goods Description
  • Wrong, non-standard, conflicting SHC
  • Airport codes, Airline codes, etc.

Analyses of present situation

The collection of data has started in the middle of August 2019 with over 12 participating Forwarders and is scheduled to continue through December 2019. After that a new phase of the project will start.


The results of DataChecker will be made public exclusively in aggregated and anonymous form. Individual participating parties will receive customized reports including only their own data for the purpose of improving the quality.

Please contact us for participation and further information.