Perspectives and Strategies 2021-2025

The executive management board of IG Air Cargo discussed and assessed various options and proposals concerning the future course of action of our interest group. The objective is to further strengthen our position in the market and to offer attractive and useful benefits to our members and supporters. Therefore, new guiding principles and strategic key areas of activity were formulated.

The voice of Air Cargo in Switzerland

Our Interest Group is the umbrella organisation of Switzerland’s Air Cargo Community, and in this role, we are setting clear priorities and act as dynamic driver to represent and enforce the community’s interests.

Strategic areas of activities
We will concentrate our activities on:

  • Communication and Cooperation
    Raising understanding of the importance of air cargo
  • Sustainability in Air Freight
    Increasing awareness of CO2 emissions caused by air cargo
  • Education and Motivation
    Communicating and sharing air freight know how
  • Innovation and Digitization
    Aiming for reliable and seamless flows of goods and data
  • Infrastructure and Planning
    Bringing in air cargo expertise to ensure growth and safe cargo handling

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