eTrans (eTransformation)

eTrans, short for eTransformation is a community driven project to achieve concrete results and benefits from the various digitalization projects involving Air Cargo. Starting from eAWB, eFreight and the related IATA initiatives.

Project Description

Project Lead

Mr. Gérard Gobat, Swiss WorldCargo


Airlines, GHAs, Freight Forwarders, IG Air Cargo and other associations are actively participating to the project. Other companies are invited to participate or contribute with their experience to this community work. 

Present Situation

Many e-projects are running in parallel but, so far we have not seen a successful coordinated approach. The implementation of eAWB in Switzerland is still insufficient and Security/Customs requirements don’t have yet an ideal digital solution. The eAWB Standard Operating Procedures are now 4-5 years old; IATA has issued a new Global SOPs that needs to be incorporated. There is a lack of transparency and different interpretation of the standards.  Many community members have difficulties adapting to the new eAWB policies adopted by certain air carriers.

Overall Project Objectives

  • Jointly analyze the present situation and weaknesses of all “eActivities” and define measures to support the practical implementation by all stakeholders. (Completed)
  • Analyze the Freight Forwarder shipment data and compile statistics with the most important KPIs related to eFreight/eAWB. (See DataChecker Project)
  • Deliver updated and functional SOP documents for all relevant eActivities. (Ongoing)
  • Improve transparency and knowledge of eTopics across the entire community/country. (Ongoing)
  • Lead the path for a genuine eTrans(formation) of the Swiss Air Cargo environment with positive outcome to all participants. (Ongoing

 Project Status / Sub-project Activities

Analyses of present situation

Surveys have been carried out at all Air Cargo acceptance points in BSL, GVA & ZRH. GHAs have been encouraged to show with concrete examples the difficulties they experience with electronic shipments. A report has been compiled, listing all issues and opportunities found, including differences between the three airports common practice and requirements.  The document is being used in recompiling the eAWB SOP document

Identification of major topics to be achieved on short- and long-term

A number of topics have been already identified and work is ongoing to measure, address and resolve them:

  • Differences exist in the policies adopted at the three major Swiss airports. Some of them are driven by local regulations, others are the result of local practices and market situation. The eAWB SOP sub-project has the objective or compiling a new document valid for all Switzerland with only the strictly necessary differences between airports.
  • Shipment data quality, particularly in regard to Security, Customs and use of Special Handling Codes is a major topic. See DataChecker Project for additional details.
  • The great majority of Freight Forwarders already has eAWB capabilities and has joined the IATA Multilateral eAWB Agreement. The usage of these solutions varies from company to company with some still struggling with the complexity. Work is ongoing with statistics, transparency, training, new SOP and improved communication.
  • Smaller airlines operating in Switzerland with small offices or through GSAs, have also trouble with understanding and implementing optimal processes. The three GHA companies operating in Switzerland have a great potential to support their airline customers and standardize the processes.   

 Finalize the 2019 eAWB SOP for Switzerland

The work of recompiling the eAWB SOP document is at and advanced stage. Current goal is to finalize it by the end of 2019 and publish it with the new year.  The new document is based on the IATA Global eAWB SOP and covers all Switzerland.  The document will later become a blueprint to digitize other documents and services (eFreight).

Please contact us for participation and further information.