PGLR – Air Cargo Presentation at Swiss Federal Palace Berne

On June 11, 2024, IGAC had the opportunity to invite the members of the council of states and the national council, who came together during the ordinary summer session in Berne, to participate to the lunch event organized by the Parliamentary Group Aerospace, led by the national councilor Philipp Kutter.
Through our active participation in Aerosuisse and in collaboration with Swiss International Air Lines + Swiss World Cargo – Air cargo division of SWISS, IGAC organized a presentation about the importance of Air Cargo for Switzerland and its international trade. It was clearly explained, by our 2 guest speakers, Lorenzo STOLL (Swiss World Cargo) and Marco Gredig (Cargologic) that Air Cargo plays a vital role for our society and economy.
Why was and is it important to continuously pass this message to the political environment? Because it’s important to understand how Air Cargo works and what we need, in order to set the right frame and conditions to operate and avoid additional administrative or regulatory burdens or new taxes.

The mission is clear: IGAC needs to ensure that the political landscape understands the workings and needs of the Air Cargo sector. This understanding is essential to establish the right framework and conditions for seamless operations, free from unnecessary administrative or regulatory burdens.

Information Flyer for the Parliamentary Members