New IG Air Cargo President Switzerland

After 11 years of successful leadership of IGAirCargo Switzerland, Peter Somaglia has decided that time has come for a change and has placed the presidency in new hands. At this year’s General Assembly, Gerry Zurmühle was elected as the new president and has also taken over the office management of IGAirCargo Switzerland as of November 1, 2021.

Gerry is a genuine air cargo guy from the ground up. After his apprenticeship at Zurich Airport, he joined Jacky Maeder where he worked for over 13 years in various positions in air freight and sales, including several years in New York. Among others, he was also responsible for their weekly full-freighter service to Far East. When Jacky Maeder was taken over from Panalpina, he joined Safcomar Overseas for whom he inaugurated the office at Zurich Airport and built up the air freight business.

Upon his graduation from ETH in Supply Chain Management, he wanted to broaden his horizon in the commodity trading field, where he led the global logistics operation for 9 years. In 2018 he became independant and founded Step up Management, who supports companies in their logistics and SCM tasks.