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IGAC is the association of the Swiss air cargo community with 100+ active members throughout the air cargo provider environment.

Our aim is the fruitful exchange between the members as well s the coordination and pooling of joint interests.

Active membership is open to any organization, association or individuals that are related and committed to the purpose of the association. New members are admitted by the EXCOM (“Executive Committee”) Switzerland.

IG Air Cargo - Membership
IG Air Cargo - Membership

Type of Memberships

The basic membership fee only includes one section respectively location. Companies operating offices at two or more around the aforementioned airports pay a surcharge of CHF 200.

Number of Employees
in CH
Annual fee
1 section
Annual fee
all sections
Up to 10CHF 350CHF 550
10 – 50CHF 550CHF 750
over 50CHF 750CHF 950

Passive membership (no voting rights) is available for
private individuals only at an annual fee of CHF 150.

Your Benefits!

Representation of Air Cargo interests in Switzerland

True to the motto of “The voice of Air Cargo Switzerland”, you benefit from an association that represents the community’s interests on political, authority and general public level to maintain the awareness of the Swiss economic and systemic relevance of air cargo using its wide and solid network.

Representation of individual, specific interests

Present topics for which you need solutions and the IG Air Cargo group board will address them using its wide range of resources and contacts on authority or political level.


For the benefit of the entire community, important issues are brought up forward by initiating or leading appropriate projects consisting of people from our membership circle.

Conferences and Presentations

Free admission and participation at our regular forums or conferences, with reputable speakers or exponents from the industry, politics or economy presenting current and important topics with a focus on air cargo.

Job Market – for Members only

As of 2024, members can benefit from the IGAC Job Market where any job advertisments can be published with direct link to their company websites/job portal free of charge, but accessable for the wide public.

Networking Opportunities

Accept our invitations and attend our regular public events to strenghten and expand your existing business relationships. Such networking opportunities go far beyond exchanging business cards.

Innovation and Digitalization

Benefit from adopting new processes, which have been developed with experts from our community particularly in the field of digitalization.

Training and Professional Education

Take advantage from the deep knowledge of our air cargo experts and attend the air cargo training courses. In view of continuous education, you or your team may also participate on contemporary leaadership seminars, exclusively offered to our members.

Developing of Young Talents

IGAC shows presence at public events, exhibitions, and social media channels to promote our industry to young talents.

Information and Downloads

A collection of useful online tools and templates are available for download from the member section to support the Swiss air cargo community in its everyday work and challenges.



Attractive Sponsorship Packages

IGAC Switzerland finances its projects and activities primarily through membership fees. However, without the support of our loyal sponsors, our resources for activities would be severely limited. Therefore, we are grateful to gain further sponsors for become even stronger.

We encourage you to become a sponsor. Please contact us for a tailored package with attractive benefits.