Annual General Assembly 2024

On June 19, 2024, IGAC invited their members and guests to the “Stücki Park” in Basel for the Annual General Meeting 2024. The more than 40 invited participants enjoyed at the beginning a guided tour around the infrastructure of the technology and life science park before opening the official meeting. The President led the delegates through the meeting. In addition to the 2023 annual financial statements, the 2024 budget was also unanimously approved. EXCOM’s proposal for a justified increase in membership fees from 2025 was also approved. The President also looked back on past events and initiatives and gave an outlook on upcoming activities.

Our guest this year, Dieter Amrein from Daco Systems AG gave the assembly an additional update and information in detail about the upcoming changes in the transition from NCTS to PASSAR in air freight. With the support of IG Air Cargo Switzerland, the topic will soon be further explored in a working group.

In beautiful sunshine and hot 30-degree temperatures, we all enjoyed the apéro riche and the exciting discussions with our colleagues from all Swiss sections.

At this occasion, a special to thank you to all members for their participation and trust as well as the great hosting on site by our colleagues from the Basel section.