About us

We are setting clear priorities and act as a dynamic driver
to represent and address the community’s interests.

We position ourselves as true industry experts, representing the interests of air cargo and its stakeholders in public, towards authorities and on a political level. In doing so, we connect all interested parties and cooperate with partner associations whenever it benefits or supports the development of air cargo.

IG Air Cargo maintains close relations with authorities and politicians to strengthen the position of air cargo. We follow and support IATA, TIACA & GACAG on a global basis by implementing their overall objectives and priorities in Switzerland.

IG Air Cargo - About us


“The voice of Air Cargo Switzerland”

We are THE driving force for the air cargo industry, with the aim of creating a contemporary, dynamic and sustainable air freight ecosystem that promotes innovation, collaboration and excellence.



In close cooperation and collaboration with airports, government authorities, associations and other relevant stakeholders, we strive to create all the necessary conditions for high-performance, innovative and efficient air cargo environment in Switzerland.


This creates long-term value both for companies in the air cargo industry and for the national economy.


By doing so, we are setting clear prioritities and act as dynamic driver to represent and enforce the community’s interests.


“Always looking ahead!”

At both, national and local level, IGAC primarly focusses on designated strategic areas of activities, based on a 5-year plan, which is being reviewed regularly to ensure that it always meets today’s needs of the community.

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Board Members

Delegates Function Company
Gerry Zurmühle President Step up Management
Gian Carlo Alessi Vice President & Delegate BSL Lamprecht Pharma Logistics
Andreas Behnke Delegate BSL Swissport
Martin Theiler Delegate ZRH Yusen Logistics
Michel Bonsera Delegate ZRH Cargologic
vacant Delegate GVA
vacant Delegate GVA
Sandrine Montel Delegate Swiss World Cargo Swiss World Cargo
Mario Ziltener Delegate Spedlogswiss Switzerland Rhenus Logistics

Delegates Function Company
Gian Carlo Alessi President Lamprecht Pharma Logistics
Andreas Behnke Vice President Swissport
Julia Weinheimer Delegate Lufthansa Cargo
Thomas Erath Delegate AFH / AAA Group
Fabrizio Ricca Delegate EuroAirport
Stefano Minerba Delegate DHL Global Forwarding
Sengün Ibrahim Delegate Young Generation Initiative

Delegates Function Company
Gerry Zurmühle President Step up Management
Martin Theiler Vice President Yusen Logistics
Kathrin Kuske Delegate LFK Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Stefan Gasser Delegate Singapore Airlines
Ralph Bujakowsky Delegate Lufthansa Cargo
Davide Buccarella Delegate Thai Airways International
Nenad Gvozdenovic Delegate Air Canada
Michel Bonsera Delegate Cargologic
Sarah Gredig Delegate Spedlogswiss Zurich

Delegates Function Company
vacant President tbd
vacant Vice President tbd
Didier Ferard Delegate Dnata
Sébastien Mugnier Delegate 2A Security
Frank Daudin Delegate Swiss World Cargo
Usha Jacquier Delegate Jena Logistics Consulting
David Cuennet Delegate Agence Fret Cargo
Samer Srab Delegate Geneva International Airport
Giovanni Vigorito Delegate Spedlogswiss Geneva NV Logistics

Strategic areas of activities

IG Air Cargo - About us

Always looking ahead!

Various options and proposals concerning the future direction of our association were assessed with the objective to further strengthen our position in the market and to offer attractive and valuable benefits to our members and supporters. Therefore, the guiding principles and strategic key areas of activity have been defined.

Communication and Cooperation

Raising comprehension of the economic and systemic importance of air cargo for the Swiss economy in industry, politics, authorities and among the general public.

Innovation and Digitalization

Aiming for reliable and seamless flows of goods and
data based on efficient and standardized working processes.

Education and Motivation

Communicating and sharing knowledge useful to the industry by offering training seminars and workshops. Attract and motivate young people to choose air cargo as their future workplace.

Infrastructure and Planning

Bringing in air freight expertise to any air cargo infrastructure projects to secure growth and safe handling.

Sustainability in Air Cargo

Increasing awareness of CO2 emissions caused by air  cargo and keep illustrating solutions and efforts of the industry to meet the climate goals set.

Partner Associations

Together we are stronger!

Collaboration and cooperation with other interested industry associations are of high importance, with the aim of bundling our resources regarding relations with politicians, authorities and the general public.

We play an active role as a member in several associations where we occupy a seat in their management boards.