2024 – ZRH Airport – Bypassing Runway 28/10

IGAC intervenes against the UVEK’s decision in connection with the planned taxiway bypassing/loop of runway 28/10 at Zurich Airport.

Back in 2021 the airport announced the planning of a bypass for runway 28/10 to prevent the crossing of arriving and departing aircraft to enhance safety. This plan would have serious consequences for current cargo operations at Zurich Airport, as considerable of today’s areas would be affected, including the RFS docks. IGAC had already intervened 2021 against the application and supported Cargologic’s objections at that time. However, after 3 years passed UVEK has now granted planning approval in April 2024 and has not recognized any arguments of all those affected. Cargologic, the complainant at the time, filed for appeal to this decision. IGAC requested a statement from UVEK on behalf of all our members (see attachment) and argued the resulting losses in current operations and the consequences for an efficient air cargo operation and its Swiss economic impact. IGAC is not opposed to such runway bypass in principle, but requests that the needs for efficient air cargo operations will be considered in the project and that appropriate solutions are developed.

Brief UVEK von IGAC